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186 Latin American universities are taking part, split into twelve work groups according to their subject areas (Architecture, Business, Chemistry, Civil Engineering, Education, Geology, History, LawMathematics, Medicine, Nursing and Physics). He participating universities have been chosen from each of the countries involved under the co-ordination of the National Tuning Centres. An attempt has been made to balance the higher education system of each country in relation with the size of the country compared to others in the region. The chosen universities display national excellence in the subject area for which they have been chosen, showing a capacity for dialogue with other institutions working on the same subject area. They have significant influence in the system (size of institution, spread of influence, credibility, and academic authority), which means that with the involvement of the institution in the project, a significant part of the system of that country is represented.

-Available PDF version (Spanish, English and Portuguese) Final Report Tuning América Latina Project: Reflections on and outlook for Higher Education in Latin America.

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